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In a world full of turmoil and unrest, a school is where we learn to conquer social and economics evils and embrace the good. Students are the future of our world. Our Warriors and saviors. You and your conduct are the deciders of the fate of our earth and of the life that lives within. You all have the ability to use science and technology, medicine, social sciences, art and any other knowledge that you wish for the prosperity of life on our planet.

The school gives you platforms to nurture your talents and develop your skills. You alone can make your future, so chisel it carefully. Do your homework and march towards a golden future. The School gives us platforms to develop our hobbies and interests into striking careers. Life will give you all kinds of troubles and difficulties, you overcome them and become an inspiration.

We take refuge in our comfort zones, come out and see the beautiful world outside full of surprises, excitement and adventure. We have hope in all yours flair and all your excellence. In the 150 Years of Mahatma Gandhi we know one thing for sure, that honesty and kindness are the epitome of human purpose.

Be kind to one another and yourselves

Jai Hind!

Air Cmde
AOC 16 Wing AF


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