Our mission is to inculcate the joy of learning among the students, be it in academic or various other co-curricular activities for an all-round development producing disciplined and cultured young ladies and gentlemen. Our endeavor is to tap all possible resources till we achieve our vision of global education and fulfill literacy for all. We take sincere care to develop the integrity of character, initiative, courtesy and discipline along with physical development. Moral instruction is imparted to all the students with the objective to make them worthy citizens of India. Children are to excel in leadership and execute responsibilities to build in a better future of our country.


To impart quality and value education through curricular and co-curricular activities so as to develop the future citizen with good manner and character for all the students to foster the spirit of national integration


Keeping our motto “Knowledge Bestows Humility� in mind, our school eyes excellence. We believe in togetherness, as our philosophy is to “love and train together� and “your child is our child�. Hence we try our best to make our school a real “home away from a home� . With the team of sincere and knowledgeable educators, it is our continuous endeavor to produce humble ladies and gentlemen.


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